Supply Chain Management and Logistics


Supply chain management and logistics form the backbone of the ever-burgeoning e-commerce domain. But the whopping volume of buyers, sellers, products, along with the variation of destinations, makes order processing and Freighting & Shipping humanly impossible to organize.

Integrating local last-mile delivery services with national and international logistics is more puzzling than the Rubik’s cube. If this is not enough, the intricacies of reverse logistics make it dizzying. The only way to successfully navigate the maze of Shipping & Logistics Delivery Processes is by the deployment of scalable, sustainable and customized Logistics Management Software Solutions.


The Supply Chain Management and logistics is beset with an array of challenges, the prime being real-time data integration of the ‘delivery’ between the e-commerce aggregator, buyer, supplier, logistics integrator, courier/transport partner and creation of relevant dashboard at every stakeholder node.

The data generated from every order and delivery builds up the goldmine of information to be analyzed. For efficient operations, customized and proprietary features need to be built in architecture and the software that calls for exemplary technical and application expertise.

It is not rare to come across a situation where B2B and B2C order fulfilment, which runs on a completely different logic, needs to be executed using the same application. The everyday challenges of generating a quote/invoice based on destination, material, add on, live tracking of consignments, generating reports acceptable for claims in case of transit loss or theft is omnipresent in every case.


Techkopra has successfully addressed all the challenges mentioned above and much more using the innovative framework, which in many cases, were debut attempts in the industry.

Plugins, APIs and extensions were designed and developed for the front-end user, which resulted in efficient data integration between the partners of the logistics network. SaaS-based web and mobile applications were rolled out to integrate diverse logic programs into single application programs.

Dexterity and technical expertise prompted TechKopra even to modify world-class ERP solutions to incorporate exclusive customer’s requirements. A range of web and mobile digital solutions can be designed and developed to tide over any challenge in the order processing, SCM and Logistics domain.

Business Benefits

Incorporating digital solutions in SCM and E-commerce automation ensures optimum efficiency with greater accuracy.

  • Human interventions can be reduced to the minimum, ensuring a lower cost of operations. One can expect greater flexibility in adapting to diverse situations. Excellent data analytics will help build up predictive and prescriptive models, which would be significant assets to shape future business strategies.