Medical and Healthcare


Healthcare and wellness are highly sought-after services in modern times. Rather than restricting itself just to treatment of disease, it encompasses various therapies, procedures, advice, routines as preventive and well-being measures.

Characterised by specialisation, the healthcare domain comprises hospitals, medical devices, clinical tests, outsourcing, telemedicine, medical tourism, health insurance and medical equipment.

Online access to various medical services, including the purchase of medicines and pathology tests, is the new normal after the pandemic. The healthcare and wellness industry has grown from the support industry’s status to a mature commercial domain, with all intricacies of the business. CNC technology, computerisation, and digital solutions have made significant inroads in the healthcare domain, particularly in the last decade, enhancing the medical domain’s efficiency, accuracy, and ease.


In the evolved context, flawless information and service integration are mandatory for efficient service delivery. Maintaining the patient’s voluminous medical and health record and accessing it for analytics, research, and compliance is beyond the scope of manual upkeep.

Clinical notes and transcripts present a serious challenge to store and retrieve. Another common but tricky challenge is the discoverability of medical service providers and the services provided by them. Getting access to the coordinates of medical locations is a must for visitors and migrants, along with genuine feedback about the service and expertise of the medical facilities.

Online medicines and requests for pathological services need to be processed with precision, flawless logistics and channel partner integration, real-time inventory management and an efficient delivery process. And all this sub-process needs to be integrated with clockwork precision to offer timely and accurate service to the clients.

Information of Speciality and innovative treatment and procedures need to reach the client with all credentials and suitable call to action procedure defined to proceed towards the mutually beneficial association.


TechKopra believes, “If the challenge exists, so must the solution.” And this belief has spurred us to find flexible, sustainable, practical, digital, net-based and cloud solutions to a range of challenges.

Web-based solutions and apps compatible with android and iOS have made discoverability, service discussions, bookings, delivery, payment and subsequent CRM efforts painless for the clients and hassle-free for the service provider. Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Records (EHR), designed and developed by TechKopra, as white label solutions are accurate, pertinent, scalable, sharable and dependable, in confirmation with the mandatory requirements of the regulatory bodies.

Web-based integration of various branches to manage data and create management reports goes a long way in efficient business management. We have offered a range of customised solutions to clinics, stand-alone chains of hospitals, speciality centres, diagnostic labs, pharmacies etc.

Business Benefits

The digital and web solutions extend the reach of the medical services. Data management becomes efficient to drive innovative and ingenious management and medical decisions.

  • Efficient and real-time databases enable quick and accurate service delivery, significantly reducing the chances of error and complications. Effortless tracking of treatment history prompts effective remedial actions in case of any complications.

  • For the online pharmacies and pathological partners, the digital solution clearly means more reach, customers, business and better CRM.

  • Enhanced transparency builds up the reputation of the health unit, promising greater engagement with the client in future.