Retail Market


The transition from the Brick and mortar store to virtual existence has rewritten the rules of the retail trade.

With precise, accurate, comparable and real-time information at their fingertips, the netizens are empowered to take split-second buying decisions. Branding, discoverability, customer engagement and value propositions are reconceptualized in the evolved context of customer expectations.


The product discovery process, customer engagement, and buying decisions have attained a complexity beyond traditional marketing and CRM.

Multimedia, social media, influencers, peer opinions, and global lifestyles have changed the customer engagement rules.

Customers no longer lookout for a product. It is for the product to appear where the customer is looking.

Human intelligence and cognition alone cannot lead brand strategy to these dynamic frontiers. The sales from the virtual storefront need a flawless and real-time integration with supply chain management, logistics, payment & finance, and CRM. A crazy payment gateway or a wrong delivery can drive away the customer forever. With customers across national boundaries and time zones, pre and post-sale services demand a very creative approach.


A data-driven Artificial intelligence with real-time access to the customer, integrated with a failproof algorithm, at your fingertips to make you a worthy player in the digitally evolved marketplace.

To support your marketing and sales objectives, we offer a personalized digital experience at every touchpoint to enhance customer confidence in your brand and offering.

Our multi-vendor e-commerce solution makes the joy of shopping in a virtual mall a reality for your customers.

The customers can expect a Real-time and responsive digital integration of the sales with other related domains of payments, logistics, finance and CRM, making online shopping a pleasure.

TechKopra, top retail app development company offers solutions that are balanced and optimized for a debutant and an existing eCommerce business and are driven by real-time data, customer behaviour modelling, personalized consumer experiences, and macro-environmental influences..

A wide array of solutions includes;

Retail app development and Internet services Software Development: To enable deploying Omnichannel strategies for great reach, better profitability and larger market share.

Enhanced UI-UX customer experience aimed at developing brand loyalty and sustained business.

Ecommerce solutions: Be it a single brand, single store or a sprawling virtual market, we have specialists to implement B2B or B2C format for a competitive and growing market.

eCommerce analytics: To develop a strong foundation for data-driven decisions.

Robust and lean inventory solutions for realizing greater profits

Engagement and communication solution.

Ongoing support and maintenance.

Customized solutions for specific challenges and expectations

Business Benefits

TechKopra digital solutions ensure a greater footprint and increased market share by penetrating deeper into the existing market segment and exploring newer markets uninhibited by geographical and other limitations typical of a physical store.

  • It also offers greater and focussed lead generations to drive up sales efficiency. Our clients can expect their performance to be at par with (and quite often exceed) the customer expectations.

  • Real-time data analytics ensures being one step ahead in the customer’s thought process and offer to satisfy his ‘wish list’. Digital solutions provide predictive and prescriptive data analytics to prepare your business by anticipating customer trends in advance.

  • Super-efficient logistics and supply chain means more significant profit resulting in greater scope of growth and diversification.

  • With strong experience and sharp acumen in the retail trade, TechKopra can develop novel digital products and solutions for much higher and sustained ROI.