Software and Platform


Software is omnipresent with involvement in almost all types of industries from hardcore IT-based sector, to healthcare, education, marketing, finance, entertainment, production, research and development and many more.

IT and software are enabling tools for any other domains to enhance their efficiency, speed, accuracy, reach, productivity, connectivity, profitability. It is akin to a genie that can do what one imagines or desires. Though system software is indispensable for the functioning of computers, it is the application software that executes various standard and customized tasks and requirements of the business.


The greatest challenge in the software and platform engineering business is to comprehend the business requirement and logic of the client.

Understanding the output or outcome desired by the customer, inputs available, the constraints and variabilities, possible alternatives and options and the decision nodes to create a flow chart is a great challenge. And this comes with experience and exposure to various industries. Designing the architecture along with the decision of the platform, platform integrity, operating system, choice of programming tools, and language is yet another challenge for successful software deployment. Omnipresence on the web, mobile, cloud, real-time integration with multiple nodes and virtual experiences are not uncommon in contemporary times. Integrity and security of data, efficient storage and retrieval of data, making applications light to run on handheld devices is also prime consideration when a digital solution is developed.


Without the intention of being boastful, if you have an idea, TechKopra, experts in Software & Platforms Consulting Services can digitize it.

While a large number of IT professionals are still grappling with the concept and logic of blockchain technology, TechKopra has developed an end-to-end cryptocurrency ecosystem for Cowrium, an overseas client. They are presently into commercial operations attracting attention and funds from angel investors globally. The project involved the creation of cryptocurrency, crypto wallet and crypto exchange.

We are adept at developing SaaS and cloud-based solutions. We had the pleasure of designing and developing a consolidated solution for ticketing, complete with payment and modular integration and customer service application.

TechKopra is proud to acknowledge the creation of a game-based marketing funnel just based on the imagination of a marketing wizard. The marketing funnel gets business leads for the business partners and is also remunerative in various forms for the players of the game.

Apart from the regular eCommerce solutions, we also develop customized systems, like creating a virtual window, where pieces of furniture could be put together to get the feel and look of the interior décor. Creating a customized virtual room with available furniture was a real technical and creativity challenge successfully negotiated by TechKopra.

Designing customized and highly interactive websites along with online and offline SEO services has been our forte for a long, which helps our IT clients engage meaningfully with their clients and prospects.

Empathy, creativity, and immaculate technical expertise enable TechKopra to digitally concretize any dream or imagination of the client.

Business Benefits

The reach and engagement of our IT clients have increased substantially, leading to greater client acquisition and retention.

  • New businesses saw the light of day in the latest technologies and made a name for themselves in respective domains.

  • Some of our clients could put into application and action new ideas and theories of marketing and business management to help their clients grow and prosper.

  • Breaking the shackles of localized business, many of our clients now serve the global market with happy customers from every nook and corner of the world.

  • Blockchain has not only helped our clients get into the cryptocurrency business, but some have deployed it in supply chain management and the food industry, too, for the first time.

  • We are sure to bring value in line with the expectations from any business domain