Media and Entertainment Industry


The media and entertainment is an exciting and ever-growing industry that includes films, television, radio, advertising, and the print industry with the latest internet-based content.

It is characterized by intense creativity, which is based mainly on customer preferences and governed by the culture, language and customer segment.

In turn, the media and entertainment industry have a strong psychological, emotional and aspirational appeal on its viewers/listeners or readers. However, the contents were based on local/national themes and driven by the producers in the initial phases. But in contemporary times, the contents are laced with global flavour and strongly driven by the consumers rather than by the producers. The consumption of internet-based content is on the rise, which offers the possibility of delivering highly personalized content to the consumers. The media and entertainment contents have broken through the bondage of time and geography and are available 24/7 worldwide.


The media and entertainment industry have always been tech-savvy. It has aggressively embraced and incorporated the latest technologies to evolve to the present form.

And it is now poised for a significant transformation, being on the crossroads to adopt interactivity features, digitization, engaging multiple platforms, multiple-devices compatibility and globalization of services.

High quality content in terms of fidelity, sound clarity, resolution, print quality only can survive in the highly customer-driven competitive market. Reaching out to the consumer, wherever and whenever demanded, is the industry’s new norm.

Innovation in concepts and presentation, aligned with the expectation of the consumer deploying the right technical tools, is the greatest challenge of the media and entertainment industry.

Translating creative and imaginative media and entertainment concepts into reality and presenting them to the audience using appropriate technology and platform is another very challenging realm.


Following the footprints of the media and entertainment industry, TechKopra’s Custom Digital Media Solutions are implemented worldwide.

With great ingenuity, TechKopra, a prominent Digital Media & Entertainment Software Development Company developed Robust/Complex SaaS web and mobile app for the advertising industry to efficiently digitize their messages on electronic hoarding, TV and Video.

The range of solutions also includes web and mobile-based applications to launch dedicated internet-based sports and news broadcasting channels, respectively. Considering the increased popularity of the second screen, Digital Publishing solutions were implemented to share recorded and live content on news, opinions and sports on handheld and tabletop devices.

SaaS-based edutainment solutions incorporating hosting and maintaining online and MOOC (massive online open classroom) and peer to peer live demo and doubt clearing sessions were successfully rolled out for the educational and training industry out given the Covid situation.

TechKopra has also developed a secure videoconferencing application for corporate and commercial use. Such application satisfactorily addresses the security concerns and data privacy issue, which is at stake using the popular meeting applications

Business Benefits

Our digital solutions contributed to substantial time savings for the advertisers, low changeover times, higher accuracy and lower human resources requirements. And all this effectively leads to better profitability.

  • Technological interventions help launch new media and entertainment ideas at minimal investments and impressive return-on-investment deploying out cutting edge Multimedia Streaming & OTT Solutions.


  • Improved sound and video quality ensure greater engagement of the viewer/audience leading to a higher target rating point (TRP) of the channel/platform. And this, in turn, translates into higher revenues.
  • Despite the restricted movement and interaction due to Covid, educational and training institutions could continue their business activity to sustain reasonable revenue levels using latest Information Management Systems. New entrants in education and training managed to reach a large trainee base without massive investments in physical infrastructure. And could operate beyond the geographical and time limitations.
  • Customized and fully secure video conferencing applications can keep all business data secure, with complete freedom to engage in confidential meetings. This would be an excellent tool for organizations with offices scattered throughout the country and world.
  • In conclusion, Media & Entertainment Consulting Services from TechKopra can very efficiently perform all commutative, analytical and information processing. And this offers you the freedom to concentrate on your core business requirement of imagination and creativity.