Consumer Goods & Services


The food and Beverage industry domain is huge with an immense diversity of products. It includes the production units that convert the raw material from the fields into finished food products and the distribution entities responsible for reaching the products to the end customers.

The global food and beverage industry was estimated at $5838.8 billion in 2020. And it generally shows a growth of around 6% year on year. The sector’s performance is governed by several factors, which are highly dynamic and need to be considered for optimum performance.


Due to the extreme competition in this industry, reaching out to customers and booking orders is an arduous task. Equally challenging is maintaining the inventory based on the estimated future orders.

Supply chain management, which includes procurement, sorting, intermediate storage, packing, and transportation, is vital for maintaining customer loyalty and profitability. Since the industry directly affects the health of the consumer, legal compliance is stringent.

Frequent innovation in product and package is imperative to keep the customers interested and happy. The production and distribution economy have to be controlled within a very narrow range for the overall economic viability of the business. In case of emergencies or call back, tracking products in the market through lot/batch numbers is critical.

Realtime communications between the various functions of the business are indispensable for efficient and profitable operations.

All the variables need to be integrated on a common platform for better monitoring and management to make sound business decisions.


To effectively increase the customer base and reach, TechKopra, a Food & Beverage App Development Company has developed an eCommerce solution customized for the Food and Beverage industry.

Available as a web and mobile application, it’s Food App Development Services can be used to share details of the products with the prospects, book orders, enable e-payments and manage delivery schedules with logistic partners. The data generated can be driven through a proprietary analytical engine for predictive and prescriptive business solutions.

TechKopra offers a complete end-to-end eCommerce solution to establish a commercial online presence for non-tech-savvy entrepreneurs. Such solutions are futuristic, modular, scalable and enabled to incorporate all business logic.

We have also designed, developed and deployed a completely automatic food service software solutions for restaurants. Once the service is done, the order goes directly from the customer table to the kitchen, posted for billing when food is served and automatic generation of bill. We specialize in comprehending specific customer requirement and building it into solutions.

Using Blockchain technology, we can address the need to trace the source of raw material, the processing plant, logistics partner, and all details in a tamper-proof manner. Just a scan of the barcode on the package will tell the customer the complete history of the product from the farm to the packet.

A digitally enabled ERP Development & Integration from TechKopra offers real-time information and solutions to manage the flow of raw material and finished products, along with cost-effective inventory and ordering systems with relevant integration with the finance department.

Business Benefits

The reach and engagement of our IT clients have increased substantially, leading to greater client acquisition and retention.

  • Gain customer confidence and loyalty by incorporating transparency in your business. Reduction in inventory cost and wastage is a sure outcome of the SCM solution, along with reduced downtime and dead stock.

  • Enjoy the edge over your competitors by offering convenient ordering and tracking facilities to your customers.

  • With the process pain off your back, concentrate on your core business to grow and prosper