Product Development

Humanising the Digital Experience Harnessing software's potential to develop engaging digital products with a promise of positive and enduring brand loyalty and unbeatable user experience.

End-To-End Consolidated Digital Product Development

From strategizing/designing to development and deployment, Techkopra, a Custom Software & App Development Company in California manages the complete Life cycle equipped with leading-edge technology and an experienced team. We have an apt digital solution for the whole spectrum, from startups to established enterprises.

Experience our unprecedented Custom Software Product development Services service: A synergy of experience, creativity and agile technology. Typically, it would run through;


✓ Understand the expectation of the end-user and your brand promise

✓ Define the ultimate objective


✓ Brainstorming to get the numero uno idea.

✓ Creating Prototypes of the optimal solutions.


✓ Testing

✓ Final product launch

The priority is to understand the end user’s and your expectation completely. The conceptualization of the idea and the associated wireframing and architecture shall be in total confirmation of your brand and business ideology.

Dependable & flexible solution

Bold and Beautiful: A technological reality

Techkopra, a leading Software Product Development Company builds solutions on sturdy platforms for digital transformation employing software that can address the scalability requirement of the business. We can assure rapid deployment with ongoing support and development.

Product characterization and setting up milestones.

“Planning the journey for the ultimate bliss.”

A strategic roadmap based on your innovative business idea and our expertise in design and methodologies of UX/UI promises a highly evolved digital product. We are sure to deliver a joyful experience to your users by developing the right product design (we understand their expectations).

Borderless International Market

Break borders to go global

Techkopra promises to take your digital presence worldwide, with prospects of ecommerce transactions from every nook and corner of the globe. We have mature experience to handle all challenges of a global level enterprise digital product.

Knowledge deployment for the winning stroke

Play to win- always!

Be it data analytics, customer insights or trends from the CRM, we share every detail with you. This strengthens your perceptions and predictions about the customers and market. Now you know the game better!

Fully Loaded Tooklit

Prepared for every challenge

Technology or skilled resource, we are armed to the tooth to take up any challenge in product design and development and deliver to your expectations and end-users ultimate delight. Be it;

Custom Web Application

Scalable, intuitive, custom digital products to meet any business challenge.

Mobile App Development

Stimulate engagement with mobility to tap into greener pastures of larger market share and revenue with an exclusive digital experience platform.

Artificial Intelligence

High-grade machine learning AI algorithms to boost your current business application (context-sensitive and versatile).


Harness DevOps for efficient automation and quicker deployment.

Enterprise Solutions

Leverage SaaS and Cloud technology to tread confidently into the future business domain.

Internet of Things

IoT-enabled solutions integrated into existing systems to automate processes, enhance efficiency, and offer a better customer experience. Access real-time pertinent data for intelligent business decisions.

Blockchain Applications & DApps

Ideation and integration of Blockchain implementation in your business. Certified developers to execute the latest cutting-edge technology.