Leverage DevOps to allow efficient automation and a quicker time-to-market.

Speed up your business development process by establishing seamless communication between the operations team and software engineers. Using services such as continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), test automation, cloud adoption, and more, ensure quicker software innovation and efficient software lifecycle.

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Our DevOps Expertise

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

Merge code changes into a single repository, allowing quicker bug resolution and deployment of updates. Ensure that all code changes are automatically put into production.

Automated Infrastructure (IaaC)

Remove human error and automatically code systems for improved management. Enable better deployments and testing along with lowered costs.

Automation Testing

End-to-end, multi-platform automation testing services that ensure efficient and timely launch of business apps and enable frequent rollouts.

AWS and DevOps

Take advantage of our experience and implementation services to utilize DevOps practices on AWS (Amazon Web Services).

Software Release Automation

Enable complete visibility and accountability across all your business processes with software release planning, release automation, and continuous release management.

Monitoring and Logging Services

Adoption of DevOps practices helps metrics-based monitoring across the whole enterprise. It helps track and log the entire project, making it easier to find hidden flaws.

What makes us a top provider of DevOps services?

Auto-update of Software

Our off-premise software takes the burden of continuous server maintenance off our shoulders so that we can focus on the more critical parts of your project.

Lower Inter-Team Friction

Our solutions help the Operations and IT team to collaborate seamlessly, producing a powerful software that needs less reworking.

Increased Productivity

Our team works closely with yours, to produce robust software with optimum digital reflexes, giving your company a faster turnaround, and lowering production costs.

Our Engagement Models

Fixed Price and Time Model

We pre-define the expected deliverables for your project with a pre-defined number of hours a developer will dedicate on your project.

It is best suited where there is great clarity in the development requirements.

  • Billing can be done in milestones
  • You can get precise budget and deadlines before the web development starts
  • No change in price requires unless you require a change
  • You can upgrade or cancel it anytime

Dedicated Team Model

Now hire a team of dedicated developers with high-level of flexibility and transparency.

It is perfect for long-term cooperation on complex and extensive projects.

  • Highly secure and IP protection
  • Monthly billing system
  • Predictable budget despite the varying workload
  • No hidden costs, pay only for the work done

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